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January 24, 2009

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge ..." (Hosea 4:6 KJV)


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Major News Services Links

Tribulation.Com Headline News - Tribulation.Com News powered by 7am.Com - Perpetually updated

CNN.Com - The Cable News Network of the Turner Broadcasting System - Perpetually updated

CBSNews.Com - The Central Broadcasting System News Site - Perpetually updated

MSNBC.Com - The Microsoft-National Broadcasting Company New Site - Perpetually updated

FoxNews.Com - The Fox News Company New Site - Perpetually updated

ABCNews.Com - The ABC News Company New Site - Perpetually updated

Yahoo! News - Yahoo! New Site - Excellent Photojournalism - Perpetually updated

Google Robot News - Google Robot News Site - Automatically updated by Google software that creates web news pages

Drudge Report - Visit Matt Drudge's Site for One of the Most Comprehensive Collections of News Articles on the Web!

Stratfor.Com - News - Daily News Updates from around the World!!!  A Premier Web Intelligence Service!

Stratfor.Com - Global Intelligence Update - Daily Intelligence Updates!!!  A Premier Web Intelligence Service!

World Net Daily - "A Free Press for a Free People" - Alternative Web News Source

NewsMax.Com -The Number 2 News Service on the Web! - Another Alternative News Source

Daily Prophecy News Updates

Prophecy Network News - ProphecyNet.Com News related to prophecy events - Perpetually updated

Hal Lindsey Oracle - Hal Lindsey's News related to prophecy events - Perpetually updated

Last Days Headlines - Weekly Compilation of Prophecy-Related News Items, Articles on the Rapture and much more!

Aish HaTorah - Window on the Wall - Live Shots of the Western Wall in Jerusalem - Updated Every 60 Seconds!!!

The Jerusalem Post - The Web Edition of the Newspaper covering the City of Jerusalem, Israel!

Current Events and Prophecy - More Online Updates on  Prophecy-Related News Items

Harpazo - An Excellent site for the Study of the Pre-Tribulational Rapture, God's Grace, Forum, News, Links and more!

Jack Van Impe Ministries Daily News Update - JVI's Daily Summary of Prophecy-Related News Articles

CAMERA Media Report - Web Edition - The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

United States Military Intelligence / Analysis / Research Links

CNN - U.S. Firepower: Overview of the American Arsenal - CNN's Guide to America's High-Tech Weaponry

United States Navy Home Page - Latest Information on America's Carriers, Submarines, Destroyers and Top Guns!!!

United States Air Force Home Page - Latest Information on America's Fighter Jets, Bombers and Helicopter Squadrons!!!

United States Department of Defense - Official Web Site of the United States of America Department of Defense

The Pave Paws Array System - The Early Warning Eyes on the East Coast and West Coast of the USA!

The Missile-Launch Detection System - The Early Warning Eyes in Space Protecting the Continental USA!

Ballistic Missile-Launch Detection Satellites - Unblinking Satellites Watching for ICBM/MRBM/SRBM Launches! 

Boeing Corporation Missile Systems - Boeing Aerospace Presents their Military Missile Systems

National Aeronautics and Space Administration - The American Space Exploration and Research Organization

Russian Military Intelligence / Analysis / Research Links

The Bellona Foundation - Up-To-Date Intelligence on Soviet Northern Fleet Operations / Internal Russian Events!

The Soviet Typhoon Ballistic Missile Submarine - Each "Red October" has 200 - 100 Kiloton Nuclear Weapons!

International Military Intelligence / Analysis / Research Links

Israel's Strategic Nuclear Weapons - Don't Mess Around with Israel!   These Guys are Serious!!!

Air to Air Combat Missiles - Study American, Russian and International Air-to-Air Missiles

Jane's Defense Weekly Online - The World Renowned Military Analyst Magazine - Current Analysis of World Armament

Air & Space Smithsonian - It's Hard to Find A Better Aeronautical Magazine - Now on the Internet! - Cool!!!

Jane's International Defense Review - Internet Edition - Simply the Premier Source for Published Military Intelligence

Defence Systems Daily - Latest Defence and Aerospace News! -A Superb Review of Current World Military Operations!

Earthquake / Volcano / Weather Links

Drudge Earthquake Report - Visit Matt Drudge's Web Site for the Latest Earthquake Information!

U.S. Geological Survey Seismic Monitor - World Map of Daily Seismic Events! Drill-Down on Each Station / Event!

National Earthquake Information Center - Latest Data from the USGS World Data Center for Seismology

Volcano World Monitor - Superb Interactive Map with List of Most Recently Active Volcanoes Around the World!

End Times Forecast - Another GREAT page from Harpazo Net on World-Wide Weather Activity and More!

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Geostationary Satellite Interactive Maps!

Drudge Weather Report - Visit Matt Drudge's Web Site for the Latest Weather Information!

Weather.Com - The Weather Channel's Official Home Page!  Forecasts, Hurricane Links and Satellite Images!

The Weather Underground - Superb Interactive Map Site with Radar, Humidity and Temperature Images!

Webmaster: Although I don't necessarily agree with every teaching found on the above sites, I have examined each
 of the immediate links and found them to be substantially sound Scripturally and well-written.  I try to monitor the 
sites but cannot be responsible for all of their content.  Also, some links may lead away to other teachings that 
are Biblically unsound, so check your Bible daily!!! (Acts 17:10-12)

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